As a new technology battery for aerial work platforms, S24160 can deliver consistent high power and battery voltage throughout the full charge, and maintains greater productivity even toward the end of a regular day-operation. No regular filling of distilled water, you can save up to 75% costs over 5 years. They can be fast charged in any setting, eliminating the need for time-consuming battery swaps. Quality and safety are always come first.
Except those benefits, S24160 also give you a five-year warranty, long battery life, stable performance. It has two designs for different weights, dimensions as well as for disparate discharge currents.

  • Zero maintenance Zero maintenance
  • Long life Long life
  • Self -heating Self -heating
  • Endure lasting Endure lasting

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A powerful energy supply for your fleet

They can deliver you a reliable performance regardless of extreme outside temperatures or harsh environments.

3500+ life cycles make them outperforming all other batteries, and you can use our batteries up to 10 years, we offer you 5 years warranty.

For sake of the extra strong and unrivalled safe batteries, you can enjoy a more endurable working style.

The sustainability and cost-saving in using this battery have long been proven by more and more users.


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No gas or acid spills, no ventilation
system needed when charging.

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Reducing downtime and
improve productivity.

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No frequent
battery replacements.

Long range

Longer life reduces
overall battery investment.

Zero maintenance

No maintenance saves
labor and maintenance costs.

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Can be recharged at any time and
level without affecting battery life.

5 years warranty

5-year warranty brings
you peace of mind.


The optional heating function
enables the battery recharged
in very cold weather.

High performance in hard conditions

High performance in hard conditions:

A hardworking horse, the 24V /160A battery is built for high
performance in some hard conditions. S24160 are ideal for the
toughest tasks and situations that requires a reliable power
supply. Start your deep cycle equipment, they can power your
passions and impress you for its high quality. It’s time to change
your fleet to long-lasting, more powerful and efficient energy
systems. Suitable for all kinds of aerial work platforms.

All batteries are certified in


Battery management system (BMS)

The built-in BMS is equipped with automatic-grade components assuring safe, top quality and high energy density, which can provide a fully optimized solution for demanding aerial work platforms.


The best chargers for your applications

You’d like to bundle a RoyPow original chargers when you choose our advanced LiFePO4 batteries for better performance and longer using.


Nominal Voltage
Discharge Voltage Range
25.6 V / 20~28.8 V Nominal Capacity

160 Ah

Stored Energy 4.09 kWh Dimension (L×W×H) S24160C: 20.0×13.8×7.5 inch (508×350×191 mm)
S24160P: 20.6×14.2×10.3 inch (524×360×261 mm)


S24160C: 86 lbs. (39 kg)
S24160P: 95 lbs. (43 kg)

Continuous Charge

30 A

Continuous Discharge

S24160C: 120 A
S24160P: 150 A

Maximum Discharge

S24160C: 180 A (20 s)
S24160P:  250 A (30 s)


-4°F~131°F (-20°C ~ 55°C)


-4°F~131°F ( -20°C ~ 55°C)

Storage (1 month)

-4°F~113°F (-20°C~45°C)

Storage (1 year)

32°F~95°F ( 0°C ~ 35°C)

Casing Material


IP Rating S24160C: IP65
S24160P: IP67




LIFEPO4 batteries for aerial work platforms



LIFEPO4 batteries for aerial work platforms



LIFEPO4 batteries for aerial work platforms

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