F24160A is one of our 24V system batteries. They can provide a high-quality and safe way to power your material handling equipment.

F24160A can offer excellent return on investment for its ongoing savings on man-hour, maintenance, energy, equipment, and downtime. Its modular design reduces weight and servicing requirements, which also make contribute to the performance of our advanced batteries.

The consistent power, zero maintenance & quicker charging, can reveal in its operational efficiency. Lithium-ion batteries present new opportunities for more flexible charging. The life expectancy of F24160A is not affected by charging frequency. In fact, opportunity charging is actively encouraged to maintain the uptime of operations.

  • Long life Long life
  • Zero maintenance Zero maintenance
  •  Fast charging Fast charging
  • Cost-effective Cost-effective

Product Detail

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The right choice for more and more applications.

It has an excellent charging performance and high energy density.

The Lithium-ion battery will only take a little charging time, so you can save a lot of time of workers.

Our lithium forklift battery is easier and convenient to use that it does not require maintenance to ensure their performance.

The cycle life of a forklift battery is up to 3500 times, this is one of the reasons for the cost savings.


Long life

Life cycles
>3500 cycles.


Fast charge &
No “memory” effect.

icon_product (3)

Safety and sustainability,
reducing carbon footprint.

icon_product (4)

No hazardous fumes,
acid spills or watering.

icon_product (5)

Eliminate battery
changes at each shift.

icon_product (6)

Remote troubleshooting
& monitoring.

 Fast charging

Reduced costs &
Savings on electricity bills.

Zero maintenance

Zero daily maintenance and
no battery room required.

Leading-Edge Technology

Leading-Edge Technology

Smaller batteries enable you a fast lifting and travel speeds at all

levels of discharge. Every single battery can almost operate a

shift. The rapidly expanding market & big manufacture

advantage, make our batteries outperforming standard norms.

All batteries are certified in


Battery management system & telemetry

The built-in battery management system and telemetry cater you with top quality batteries, which can deliver an optimal performance for all kinds of forklifts.

Battery pack module

Battery pack module

RoyPow’s battery pack module consists of lithium-iron phosphate cells. Lithium-iron phosphate encompasses multiple chemistries, which results in variations of energy and power density, lifespan, cost and safety.


Nominal Voltage
Discharge Voltage Range
25.6 V / 20~28.8 V Nominal Capacity


Stored Energy

4.09 kWh

Dimension (L×W×H)

22.0×6.5×20.1 inch (560×165×510 mm)


121 lbs. (55 kg)

Continuous Charge


Continuous Discharge


Maximum Discharge

320 A (5s)


-4°F~131°F (-20°C ~ 55°C)


-4°F~131°F ( -20°C ~ 55°C)

Storage (1 month)

-4°F~113°F (-20°C~45°C)

Storage (1 year)

32°F~95°F ( 0°C ~ 35°C)

Casing Material


IP Rating IP65




LiFePO4 batteries for forklift



LiFePO4 batteries for forklift



LiFePO4 batteries for forklift

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