Our 36 Voltage batteries give you a good experience in CLASS 2 forklifts, like narrow aisle forklifts and high-rack stackers. Their stable discharge could help your fleet easily drive in narrow-aisle warehouses.

F36690 is one of the 36 Voltage batteries with large capacity. Therefore it could supply stable and plentiful power for your material handling equipment.

RoyPow’s battery pack module consists of lithium-iron phosphate cells and no maintenance work to do. What’s more, our batteries can be charged quickly in a short time in anywhere and anytime with the functions of opportunity charge. 5 years warranty and up to 10 years battery life can constantly impress you.

Higher warehouse productivity can be reached with RoyPow LiFePO4 batteries.

  • Zero maintenance Zero maintenance
  • Large capacity Large capacity
  • Opportunity charge Opportunity charge
  • 5 years warranty 5 years warranty

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Making a difference to your business

Up to 10 years battery life and 5 years warranty, RoyPow can make a difference to your business with advanced lithium-ion technology.

Opportunity charging for better warehouse productivity.

No required battery maintenance work and costs.

Longer run-time, less downtime, and save up to 70% of your battery costs over 5 years.



Larger capacity, stronger
power and better performance.

up to 10yr Battery life

Fast charge & opportunity charge –
recharge at anywhere or anytime.

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Ultra-safe - no need to worry
about the safety issues.

Long life

Over 3500 cycle life,
10 years design life.


Up to 75% lower cost –
fewer replacements needed.


No more regular battery changing
or charging rooms required.

5 years warranty

0 Maintenance&
5 years warranty.

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Tailored for your special needs.

The safest choices

The safest choices

Our 36 voltage batteries are suitable for narrow aisle forklifts.
The LiFePO4 cells, one of the safest choices compared to other
lithium-ion chemistries, we selected it as the component of
RoyPow battery. The ultra-safe technology is going to improve
productivity and lower your costs dramatically. We offer
5 years warranty and high quality service constantly.
F36690 is the right choice for your warehouse operations.

All batteries are certified in

heating module

Heating Module

Our batteries can work down to -4°F ( -20°C). With their self-heating function (optional), they can heat from -4°F to 41°F in an hour.

control panel

Control Panel

Remote diagnosing and upgrading software, real-time
monitoring and communication through CAN.
Showing all critical battery functions in real-time, like voltage, current, and remaining charging time and fault alarm.


Nominal Voltage
Discharge Voltage Range
38.4V / 30V~43.2V Nominal Capacity


Stored Energy

26.49 kWh

Dimension (L×W×H)

38.1×20.3×30.7 inch (968×516×780 mm)


727 lbs. (330 kg)

Continuous Charge


Continuous Discharge


Maximum Discharge

480 A (5s)


-4°F~131°F (-20°C ~ 55°C)


-4°F~131°F ( -20°C ~ 55°C)

Storage (1 month)

-4°F~113°F (-20°C~45°C)

Storage (1 year)

32°F~95°F ( 0°C ~ 35°C)

Casing Material


IP Rating IP65




LiFePO4 batteries for forklift



LiFePO4 batteries for forklift



LiFePO4 batteries for forklift

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