36 V / 100 A

It’s designed to replace the lead-acid battery, which can be an easy drop-in replacement for your golf carts. S38105 is an advanced lithium-ion battery pack with integrated battery system, which can protect your fleet from over-temperature, short circuit, over voltage and so on, so it can effectively obviate potential safety hazards to lengthen its lifespan and optimize its performance. By using S38105, 10years battery design life and 5 years warranty bring you peace of mind. No water filling, no terminal tightening and cleaning of acid deposits, and you don’t need to pay staff costs for water-refilling any more.

  • 0 maintenance 0 maintenance
  • Long Life Long Life
  • 5 years warranty 5 years warranty
  • Fast charge Fast charge

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A new technology takes over your energy supply in your fleet:

Our LiFePO4 batteries can be charged rapidly in a short time, such as taking a break, effectively increasing productivity.

Thermal and chemical stability and multiple built-in protection functions enable your fleet work smoothly.

S38105 battery are all no memory, you can charge any time, and with a full charge time, you can run longer.

If you leave for 8 months, turn the car off with a full charge S38105, and come back on, then you can go.


5 years warranty

5 years warranty brings
you peace of mind.

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To run all day
without battery swaps.

Fast charge

Rapid and efficient charge
can increase productivity quickly.

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Power your golf cart
with green energy.


No daily maintenance
work and costs.

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Works well in -4°F-131°F.

Long Life

Enable your fleet
reliable using everyday.

 Fast charging

Up to 75%
expenditure saving.

A powerful source enable smooth driving in grassland

A powerful source enable smooth
driving in grassland

36V system are built with RoyPow LiFePO4 batteries. It’s an
ideal 36V/105A battery for your fleet convert to lithium-ion
batteries. There is no maintenance, which means no watering,
no acid to top up, and no need to worry your acid eating your
floors any more. It’s available for drop-in replacement in the
Club Car and EZ-GO etc. vehicles nicely.

All batteries are certified in


Built-in BMS

Multiple built-in protective functions for high voltage, short circuit and high temperature to optimize the performance.


Priority to RoyPow original charger

This battery suits much better with a RoyPow original charger.


Nominal Voltage
Discharge Voltage Range
36 V (38.4 V) / 30~43.2 V Nominal Capacity

100 Ah

Stored Energy

4.03 kWh

Dimension (L×W×H)

15.2 × 13.3 × 9.6 inch

(385 × 338 × 245 mm)


75 lbs. (34 kg)

Typical Mileage
Per Full Charge

48 - 64 km (30 - 40 miles)

Continuous Discharge

100 A

Maximum Discharge

200 A (10s)


32°F ~ 131°F (0°C ~ 55°C)


-4°F ~ 131°F (-20°C ~  55°C)

Storage (1 month)

-4°F ~ 113°F (-20°C ~ 45°C)

Storage (1 year)

32°F ~ 95°F (0°C ~ 35°C)

Casing Material


IP Rating IP67




LIFEPO4 Golf Cart Batteries



LIFEPO4 Golf Cart Batteries



LIFEPO4 Golf Cart Batteries

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