72 V / 100 A

S72105P is one of our specific P series. If you are desired for a powerful and reliable battery, you can benefit a lot from it. S72105P get many fans, when it drives to the market. The batteries with zero maintenance, lower expenditures, and higher power capture a lot of users. They are free from dangerous and messy fumes or leaks, longer lasting, offer less energy consumption. For the intelligent battery BMS, they can deliver enhanced stability, power and comfort. Not only are you getting a superior performance for your golf cart, but also help us create a more eco-friendly planet.

  • 0 maintenance 0 maintenance
  •  Long Life Long Life
  • Long range Long range
  • Fast charge Fast charge

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Start with a better battery:

With our batteries, you can double your runtime compared to use a traditional lead acid battery.

You can move faster with less weight and more power for the advanced battery.

3,500+ life cycles bring you peace of mind, generally can be 3X longer than the lead acid ones.

The special designed battery system enable you to create a charge and discharge faster and more convenient battery. 


Fast charge

Fast and efficient recharging
in daily operation.

icon_product (24)

Up to 70 miles
longer range.

0 maintenance

Zero maintenance.

icon_product (20)

Work well in toughest conditions,
no matter uneven or sloop.

icon_product (9)

Powerful in every round
for high discharge current.

icon_product (22)

An all-weather battery
can perform well in -4°F-131°F.

5 years warranty

10 years long battery life and
we guarantee you a 5-year warranty.

 Fast charging

Direct from factory pricing
so you are getting the lowest price.

Power you passion full with the golf course

Power you passion full with
the golf course:

Our 72V battery is one of our P series. It has all benefits of P
series, which are designed for specialist and demanding
applications. The systems are built with RoyPow advanced
LiFePO4 batteries, which is extremely stable and not prone to
thermal runaway. Rather than being under the seat (as with the
standard batteries) the switch on the P series can be located on
the dashboard. All can offer you 5 years warranty. Suitable for
road carrying (utilities), multi-seaters and rough terrain vehicles.

All batteries are certified in


Smart BMS

Multilayer protective functions to optimize the cell-balancing, alarm systems, charging efficiency, and to protect over temperature, over voltage, and short circuit, etc.


RoyPow original charger is needed

When you finish battery-transition, a RoyPow original chargers should be added to you budget, too. The combination can deliver you better performance, longer battery lifespan.


Nominal Voltage
Discharge Voltage Range
72 V (76.8V) / 62.5 ~ 90 V Nominal Capacity

100 Ah

Stored Energy

8.06 kWh

Dimension (L×W×H)

29.1 × 12.6 × 9.7 inch

(740 × 320 × 246 mm)


159 lbs. (72 kg)

Typical Mileage
Per Full Charge

97 - 113 km (60 - 70 miles)

Continuous Discharge

100 A

Maximum Discharge

315 A (30s)


32°F ~ 131°F (0°C ~ 55°C)


-4°F ~ 131°F (-20°C ~  55°C)

Storage (1 month)

-4°F ~ 113°F (-20°C ~ 45°C)

Storage (1 year)

32°F ~ 95°F (0°C ~ 35°C)

Casing Material


IP Rating IP67




LIFEPO4 Golf Cart Batteries



LIFEPO4 Golf Cart Batteries



LIFEPO4 Golf Cart Batteries

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