Lithium Replacing
Lead-Acid Solutions

A safe and efficient power solution
 Zero maintenance Zero maintenance
Long Life Long Life
Automotive-grade Automotive-grade
5 years warranty 5 years warranty

Significant disadvantages from the lead-acid batteries

Significant disadvantages from the lead-acid batteries

1 Short life

Only 1000-1500 cycles.

Need to be frequent swapped.

Service life generally no more than 3 years.

2 Safety risks

Heats up while charging.

Toxic lead and corrosive acid.

Release explosive gases when charging.

3 Difficult issues in charging

Need to remove while charging and storage.

Take at least 8 hours to charge and another 8 hours cooling period.

Work interrupted because of longtime charging.

With memory effect.

4 Hard maintenance

Regularly refilling with water.

Terminal tightening.

Acid-deposits cleaning is needed.

Ongoing expenditures on maintenance.



What are the lithium replacing
lead-acid solutions from RoyPow?

With RoyPow advanced lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, the batteries deliver stronger power, lighter weight, and last 3 times longer than lead acid batteries – providing exceptional solutions to your fleet. RoyPow LiFePO4 batteries can save approximately 70% expenses in 5 years.
Li-ion replacing lead-acid batteries are broadly used in all low speed vehicles & various industrial scenarios, such as golf carts, materials handling equipment, with features like long cycle life, maintenance free and fast charge.

A better choice for lithium replacing
lead-acid solutions - LiFePO4 batteries

LiFePO4 batteries are new technology, which can outperform the
lead-acid batteries in charging, lifespans, maintenance and so on.


Extended battery lifespan

By helping to extend battery lifespans, investors will see improved revenues and returns.


High energy dense

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have the advantages of high specific energy, light weight and long cycle life.


All-round protection

With highly thermal and chemical stability, the intelligent batteries have the functions of over-charge, over-current, short-circuit and temperature protection of every battery.



Good reasons of RoyPow’s lithium
replacing lead-acid solutions

Superior performance

Superior performance

More thermal and chemical stability.

3500+ life cycles, 3 times outperforming the lead-acid batteries.

Almost complete absence of self-discharge with extremely high efficiency.

Automotive grade batteries manufacturing system & QC system, ensure stable and reliable quality.

High efficiency

Charging fast and efficient, can be charged at break and shift time.

Stay on board the equipment for recharging.

No need to frequently fill with distilled water.

Zero maintenance - no watering, no acid, no corrosions.

Less unplanned downtime & easy to install.

High efficiency


No emission.

No toxic lead and gas.

No acid corrosion.

Green energy is better for you and the planet.

Safe operation

Equipped with integrated battery management system and communication through CAN.

Intelligent BMS automatically prevents over discharge, charge, voltage and temperature, etc.

Thermal and chemical stability guarantee a good product.

Multiple built-in protections, enable a safe operation.

Safe operation

RoyPow, Your Trusted Partner

Technological Strength

Technological Strength

By virtue of powering the industry’s transition to lithium-ion alternatives, we keep our resolve to make progress in lithium battery to provide you more competitive and integrated solutions.

The Faster Transportation

The Faster Transportation

We have developed our integrated shipping service system consistently, and are able to provide the massive shipping for timely delivery.



If the available models don’t fit your requirements, we provide custom-tailor service to different aerial work platform models.

Considerate After-Sales Service

Considerate After-Sales Service

We have branched in USA, UK, South Africa, South America, Japan and so on, and strived to unfold completely in globalization layout. Therefore, RoyPow is able to offer more efficient and thoughtful after-sales service.


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