Meet RoyPow at METSTRADE Show 2022

RoyPow, a global company dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of renewable energy solutions, announces that it will attend METSTRADE Show 2022 from 15 – 17 November in Amsterdam, Netherlands. During the event, RoyPow will be exhibiting the innovative energy storage system for yachts – its newest marine energy storage solutions (Marine ESS).

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METSTRADE is a one-stop shop for marine industry professionals. It’s the world’s largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials and systems. As the only international B2B exhibition for the marine leisure industry, METSTRADE has served as a platform for the industry’s most innovative products and developments.

“This is our official debut at the world’s largest marine industry event,” said Nobel, the sales manager of European branch . “RoyPow’s mission is to help the world switch to renewable energy for a cleaner future. We are looking forward to connecting the industry leaders with our eco-friendly energy solutions which provide safe and reliable power supply for all the electrical equipment in all climate conditions.”

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Specifically designed for marine applications, the RoyPow Marine ESS is a one-stop power system, which fully meets the energy needs on the water, whether it is a long or short trip. It seamlessly integrates into new or existing yachts under 65 feet, saving a lot of time on installation. RoyPow Marine ESS delivers a pleasant sailing experience with all the power needed for household equipment onboard and leave the hassles, fumes and noise behind. 

Since there is no belt, oil, filter changes, and no wear on engine idling, the system is almost maintenance free! The reduced fuel consumption also means significant savings on operational cost. Moreover, RoyPow Marine ESS enables intelligent management with the optional Bluetooth connectivity which allows for battery status monitoring from mobile phones anytime and the 4G module is embedded for software upgrading, remote monitoring and diagnosing.  

The system is compatible with versatile charging sources – alternator, solar panels or shore power. Whether the yacht is cruising or parked in port, there is adequate energy all the time coupled with fast charging that ensures up to 1.5 hours for full charge with maximum output of 11 kW/h.

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The complete Marine ESS package is comprised of the following components:

- RoyPow air conditioner. Easy to retrofit, anti-corrosion, highly efficient and durable for marine environments.
- LiFePO4 battery. High energy storage capacity, longer lifespan, more thermal & chemical stability and maintenance free.

- Alternator & DC-DC converter. Automotive-grade, wide working temperature range of

-4℉- 221℉( -20℃- 105℃), and high efficiency.
- Solar charge inverter (optional). All-in-One design, power saving with maximum efficiency of 94%.

- Solar panel (optional). Flexible & ultra thin, compact & lightweight, easy for installation and storage.

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