RoyPow attended MOTOLUSA The Weekend Show

On November 11th – 13th, RoyPow attended the MOTOLUSA Weekend Show in Portugal as the sole manufacturer in LiFePO4 batteries and renewable energy solutions. The event was organized by MOTOLUSA for the first time, a company of the auto-industrial group dedicated to the import and distribution of engines, boats and generators and a number of industry leaders from the nautical sector were invited to the Show, including Yamaha and Honda.

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The event discussed the importance of electrification on vessels, retrofit and change on the sustainable engine sector and how to improve the range of electric motors. Representative from RoyPow Europe shared detailed information about their products and their applications as well as the company’s overall development plan near the future.

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“The growth momentum of marine ess market will accelerate during the forecast period and lithium-ion batteries are becoming more affordable due to improvements in manufacturing techniques, which is leading to an increase in their application in marine vessels.” said Renee, the sales director of RoyPow Europe.

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Renee then mentioned the company’s latest product – RoyPow Marine ESS, a one-stop power system. Designed for yachts under 65 feet, the system fully meets the energy needs on the water and delivers a pleasant sailing experience with high standard of safety and reliability.

“We provide a complete package of All-Electric Energy Storage Solution for yachts ranging from generating power, storing power, converting power to using power without engine idling. No unnecessary fuel consumption, frequent maintenance, noise, as well as toxic engine exhausts! Our mission is to empower your cruising with home-like comfort on board. Our cutting-edge technologies shorten the charging time and increase the energy efficiency which saves the hard-earned power on the water.” She said.

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Renee also spoke on the overall traits of RoyPow LiFePO4 trolling motor batteries. “Our LiFePO4 batteries feature notable reduction in weight, which is competitive as anglers continue to add larger motors and heavier accessories. Other prominent advantages of LiFePO4 trolling motor batteries include longer run times without battery voltage drop, built-in Bluetooth monitoring, optional WiFi connection, self-heating function against cold weather as well as IP67 protection rating from corrosion, salt mist, etc. Our company offers longer warranties as long as 5 years – making the long-term cost of ownership more palatable.”

“Besides, we have a wide range with 12 V 50 Ah / 100 Ah, 24 V 50 Ah / 100 Ah and 36 V 50 Ah / 100 Ah batteries available, all guaranteed by superior durability and performance. ” Noted by Renee during the product-introduction part of the Weekend Show.

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