RoyPow Debuts All-in-One Residential Energy Storage System at Intersolar North America 2023

With more than 20 years of combined experience manufacturing renewable energy and battery systems, RoyPow Technology, the global lithium-ion battery and energy storage system supplier, makes its debut with the latest residential energy storage solutions at Intersolar North America in California from February 14th to 16th.

The RoyPow all-in-one residential energy storage system – the SUN Series provides a one-stop solution for home solar energy storage backup protection. This integrated, compact system requires minimal space and ensures easy installation with versatile mounting options for both indoor and outdoor environments.

All-in-One Residential Energy Storage System

The RoyPow SUN Series is a high power – up to 15kW, high capacity – up to 40 kWh, max. efficiency 98.5% home energy storage solution designed to provide whole house backup power for all home appliances and allow homeowners to enjoy a comfortable quality life by shaving money off electric bills and maximizing the self-utilization rate of power generation. 

It is also a flexible energy storage solution due to its modular feature, meaning the battery module can be stacked for 5.1 kWh to 40.8 kWh capacities according to individual needs. Up to six units can be connected in parallel to deliver up to 90 kW output, suitable for mainstream residential rooftops in various countries. The IP65 rating is resistant to dust and moisture, protecting the unit from all weather conditions.

RoyPow SUN Series use cobalt free lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries – the safest and most advanced lithium-ion battery technology on the market, SUN Series also enhanced safety . The switching time of the system is less than 10ms, enabling automatic and seamless energy transfers for on- or off-grid use without disruption.

With the SUN Series app, homeowners can monitor their solar energy in real time, set preferences to optimize for energy independence, outage protection or savings, and control the system from anywhere with remote access and instant alerts.

“The trend of rising energy costs and the need for greater energy resilience in the face of increasingly frequent grid outages, RoyPow meets the increasing demands of the market in America and supports the planet’s transition to a more sustainable energy future. RoyPow will continue to make efforts in renewable energy storage systems for commercial & industrial, vehicle-mounted and marine applications, hoping clean energy will be beneficial to everyone in the world”. Said Michael Li, the Vice President at RoyPow Technology.

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