RoyPow’s residential ESS takes stage at All-Energy Australia 2022

At All-Energy Australia 2022 held from October 26th -27th  at Melbourne, RoyPow - the industry-leading renewable energy solutions provider, displayed its new generation residential ESS solutions, which offer maximized self-consumption, powerful monitoring platform and enhanced safety protections.

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As the country’s most anticipated gathering in the clean energy sector’s annual calendar, the 2022 event was the largest ever held with more than 10,000 renewable energy professionals, over 250 suppliers from all over the world as well as huge flow of visitors from Fiji, New Zealand and so on. All-Energy Australia gave the industry an opportunity to get involved in Australia’s energy transition to net zero.

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Australia is seeing increasing demands for efficient energy solutions nowadays as Australia’s widespread transition to renewable energy gathers pace. Thus, RoyPow leveraged the accumulated R&D strengths to present its advanced energy storage products for Australian customers at this expo.

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Featuring sleek & exquisite appearance, and modular & integrated design for easy

installation, SUN5000S-E/A, RoyPow’s residential energy storage system, was eye-catching at its booth. It boasts other appealing characteristics like:

  • Long service life – up to 10 years; over 6,000 life cycles
  • Smart APP management with full visibility into home energy usage
  • High level of safety with aerogel material integrated to prevent thermal diffusion
  • Support parallel working & generator access to keep more home appliances operational during an power outage

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Visitors to the RoyPow booth also showed great interest in its portable power station - R2000PRO featuring higher capacity, fast charge and zero maintenance. It was also popular for:

  • Enhanced safey with built-in emergency functions
  • Fast recharging from solar and grid
  • Advanced MPPT control module to ensure the maximum efficiency of solar panels
  • Diversified outputs like AC, USB or PD ports for common appliances and tools for outdoor activities or home emergency use – LCD TVs, LED lamps, refrigerators, phones, etc
  • Pure sine wave technology for optimal performance
  • Intelligent display showing power station working status
  • Expandable capacity for more stored energy

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Attending this large-scale event was meaningful for RoyPow to open up this important market segment in Australia, one of the most anticipated solar power markets in the world. 

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“We have to be present at the show in the future as long as we continue to provide residential ESS solutions. All-Energy Australia is such a great platform for us to learn about main players and industry trends in the Australian market, so as to provide insights into our future development and product improvement. We have established connection with some local distributors and installation contractors. I am already looking forward to the next-year show!” Said William, the sales manager of Australia branch.

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